Happiness Day 69

Morning, and a happy Sunday to you.

My Saturday was full of ups and downs. First off an up when I finished my writing and had time to do some reading before heading out to bowling. The way there was full of random little things that made me happy, like the bus coming straight away and being super quiet. I got a seat which is always an up.


Then the subway came right as I walked downstairs which was fantastic as I always seem to end up waiting forever when I take it. I found the bowling place quickly and even had time to grab an iced coffee before hand – because I need the obligatory coffee selfie every weekend.


Bowling was fun, but also a little bit of a downer. It was really sad to think about how all these kids were orphans who have to grow up in a limited environment. Most of them had never been bowling before (which showed as they were throwing the balls around like it was a shot put competition), and were so excited to play. Afterwards we went to McDonalds where, you guessed it, some kids had their first taste of the golden arches. I was told that they only eat outside the orphanage about once a year so it was a really special trip. When we sat down to eat a lot of the kids went to different tables and spread out across the restaurant. They mentioned to the women in charge that it was because they didn’t want the Korean public to know that they were part of the orphanage and being in a big group would show that. Hearing that comment broke my heart and I just sat there watching little groups of kids eating McDonalds and pretending they were just an average bunch of friends out in the weekend.

It was an eye-opening day and I came home feeling a bit sad but also happy that Daegu has a foreigner community who are also willing to donate money or help out by visiting the orphanages. I got home and quickly got changed for dinner, only to find out that no-one was going to show up…

People are really useless, that’s all I can say.

Instead I grabbed some delicious Korean mixed noodles from the kimbap nara and relaxed on the couch with wine and food.


This is Jjalmul. On the bottom are noodles and spicy sauce which are covered in fresh vegetables, you mixes everything together and it is amazing. I ate and headed out to a friends rooftop cook-out to have a couple of drinks. The night got away from me and I ended up getting home at 3am so today is going to be a struggle. I will be needing a nap later on. Or a coffee. Or both plus some ice-cream for todays happiness 😉


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