Happiness Day 68

Good morning!

I have one of those busy Saturday’s today where everything just seems to have been organized for the same day. This morning is packed with writing for my online course as I have a long ass essay due tomorrow. I am having flash backs to when I was at university and it is not pleasant. Luckily this afternoon is much more fun as the charity I am involved with, Daegu’s Time to Give, are taking a group of kids bowling and to McDonalds. It will be a lot of fun but also craziness. Not to mention I have not been bowling in years so will make a dork of myself.

Speaking of dork, selfie Friday has become a thing at school. This boy came over to sit on my lap yesterday which I thought was sweet until he get ‘where’s your phone? Take a photo.’ He then bombed it with his gross eye trick.


Afterwards bowling I have to rush home, change and head back out for a vegetarian dinner downtown. I have been trying forever to get a dinner together in Daegu, just so I can meet some new people really. Most teaching contracts are only for a year which means people are constantly coming and going. A big group of foreigners left or are leaving at the moment and there are a lot of newbies floating around Daegu. It is kind of nice because last year the vegetarian club (yeah it’s a club), had a facebook group but was not really a thing. I don’t know how many times someone would organize a dinner and then cancel it or have no-one respond. Now that there are new people I am hoping to get a nice wee group together so we can get together and just eat.


Because believe it or not, vegetarians love eating.

A couple of my friends are having a cook-out tonight so I am hoping to head over there after dinner and relax on their rooftop with a beer or two. Notice that not on my agenda today is a workout? I did a little yoga last night and it flared up my ankle bad so I am really trying to force myself tot take two days off. It is hard but I am trying to not think about it to prove to myself that the world will not end.

Yesterdays happiness came at the end of the day when I went into my final class. A girl rushed up to me and gave me a picture she had done at art class that day. She went very red and said ‘present I made for you teacher,’ then quickly sat back down.


It was really sweet and I could tell that she had purposely made it for me rather then just seen it in her bag and decided I could have it at spur of the moment. She reminded me how lovely these kids are. And with that I need to start writing and getting this essay done 😦 Have a lovely Saturday!


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