Happiness Day 67

Looky what our work decided to buy this week…


A slushie machine!!

Seriously seeing that get delivered was so excited! We have a market day next week where the kids can buy things like toys and snacks with the KDLP school dollars they have received for being good. Some kids have been savings these thing forever and have around $100 :S This year the school outdid themselves and bought the slushie machine PLUS a cotton candy maker! I haven’t seen that in action yet but Tuesday was the tester day for slushies and they were amazing. Kind of like eating a fruju, which s a summer necessity. I think they have a crap load of sugar though because these things were sweet! All the kids got given a little taster at lunch and went crazy, but that’s okay because then we sent them home to their parents :S

Other then getting free slushies at work, taking time off exercise is making me happy. I haven’t really talked about this before but I am a little obsessed with working out.  Until my injury a couple of weeks ago, I was at a point where I had to exercise twice a day, usually doing yoga or 6wk 6pk in the morning and an intense Shaun T cardio session after work. I do take Sundays off completely, but even getting to the point where I had a rest day was a struggle. If I miss one of these workouts I would freak out and be sure that something terrible was going to happy or I would wake up significantly bigger. It sounds crazy yes, but this is a real issue for me and something that I know I need to deal with for awhile. With my foot out of action, I have been forced to eliminate the cardio and, while I have still been doing 6wk 6pk and a little yoga, I have managed to take evenings off for myself and relax. This may sound dumb but it is really hard for me to accept that the world will not fall apart if I don’t exercise twice a day. I know it is problematic, but it is something I am working on.

So last night I forced myself to accept that the morning was enough and I didn’t need to try and do some sort of modified cardio to burn even more calories. Instead I sat down with Orange is the New Black and painted my nails.


You know what? After freaking out a little I actually enjoyed myself and felt a little relaxed and… happy!

I still feel like I need to get in a workout every day (except Sunday), and two on most days of the week. But taking last night off was a huge step for me, one day at a time right!

With that here’s to a new day, and a Friday at that 😀



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