Happiness Day 66

Good morning!

I am up extra early today so I can go to the bank and send money home to pay off some student loan. As a treat I plan to go to Starbucks afterwards and get myself a huge ass iced-coffee. Nothing like rewarding yourself for doing something you are supposed to do!

Yesterday I gave myself the night off life in general to relax with ice-cream and watch Orange in the New Black. For some reason I got up to episode 5 awhile ago and then got too distracted to finish the rest. Not too sure why because the show is just so crazy good! It made me happy.


Another thing on my list, pretty new eye shadow.



The other day I dropped my favorite eye shadow color and had it break and get powder all over the damn bathroom – first world problems anyone? I wanted to replace it fast as the color is my go-to boring old plain shade which I use every day. So I replaced it and grabbed another color while I was in the shop because I an incapable of buying just one thing.

I am off to the bank to ruin the day of the one girl who works there are speaks English (seriously you should see her face when we walk in). Have a lovely Thursday!



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