Happiness Day 65 and a beauty secret

Good morning, and a happy hump day!

First up yesterdays funny/happy moment. I know, I know another kids worksheet :S A bit sad but to be honest yesterday was kind of a crappy day as I have major issues with my co-worker. I don’t want to dwell on them but let’s just say he is the rudest person I have ever encountered and working in a small office with him for a year and a half has been a struggle. After a particularly bad Monday with him we turned up yesterday and discovered he has just landed a really good job at the University in Daegu. It is hard to feel happy for people you don’t necessarily like and it just made his behavior worse. So with that in mind I wasn’t to happy yesterday, but this girls writing made me smile.


Oh if we had the pipe the world would be a better place, I am sure everyone would dance!

So yesterday I decided to try something that I am always reading about on the internet – oil pulling!

The idea is that you swirl your mouth a 1TB of oil for about 15 minutes to get rid of toxins in your mouth. It leaves you breath fresh, teeth sparkling and an overall healthy mouth. I get really self-conscious about my teeth as I had braces for two years and always want people to see how lovely and straight they look. Unfortunately these braces left a few marks on my teeth and as a result there and very small holes that get dirty very quickly. I had them cleaned a few months ago at the dentist but that has worn off and my teeth are starting to look a little ick again.

Oil pulling is a a little intimidating. It sounds kind of gross, not to mention daunting having to keep oil in your mouth for that long. But I gave it a go and am pretty impressed! You are supposed to use a good quality oil like sesame, I went with coconut because it tastes much nicer. Plus the oil gets on your lips and coconut oil is a nice little lip balm.


The key thing to remember with oil pulling is to do it the first thing in the morning – before you brush your teeth or eat anything. This works out well as I grabbed my oil before jumping in the shower and doing my makeup which distracted me from the constant swirling.


Actually it wasn’t that bad. I swirled for 15 minutes, spat and rinsed my mouth out with warm water. These are important steps as any longer then 20 minutes and your body can re-absorb the toxins, while the warm water ensured all the oil is gone from your mouth.

The end result was fantastic! After one swirling my teeth looked so clean and my mouth feels really good and fresh. I am sure that after oil pulling every day for a couple of weeks I am going to have damn good teeth!

So oil pulling, do you think you could do it?


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