Happiness Day 64

Look what finally arrived…


My iherb!

Usually this only takes a week from start to finish but for some reason this order took three weeks. I know first world problems, but this order was full of treats and goodness that I wanted. Plus I had run out of oats and nut butters which are basically 80% of my diet (you think I kid but I don’t).

This time around I ordered my usual Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, artisan coconut oil, artisan walnut butter (new purchase, not too shabby), iced green tea with mint, iced ginger and turmeric tea (I am curious, and I love ginger), oats and some Justin’s pb cups.


I always like to try something new and could not resist these – they are just as good as you would think! And they’re healthy, so I can eat a bucket load right?

That made me pretty happy today, I love chia pudding but oats are still my go-to in the morning. You get so full and mega nutrients for so few calories. Another highlight of the day was teaching 5 year olds about solids melting into liquids. Yeah you read that right, they learn that in a second language when they are only 5 :S Korea is a tad cra cra sometimes. When they had to draw an example of melting most drew ice-cream, but one boy made my day with this picture. 


 I showed them the end scene from Ghostbusters when they kill the Staypuff man and he explodes all over the city as an example of solids using heat to change into liquid. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Harold Ramis for being funny and edicational. They loved it and are now obsessed with the ‘marshmallow man.’ I loved how he captured the surprised expression on the fact and then told me that after exploding the hat remained ‘because it wasn’t made of marshmallow.’ Fantastic.

I am still battling a sore throat and now some aches and pains so it is off to bed for me! Catch you tomorrow.




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