Happiness Day 62

Good morning friends! How were your Saturdays?

I am feeling a tad off colour this morning due to a long evening out and a few drinks. I didn’t actually have that much but every drink I ordered was different which is never a good idea. For whatever reason I thought it would be good to have gin and tonic, vodka cranberry, wine and something called a David bomb which is basically just beer with a shot of jager in it :S yeah it was as nasty as it sounds.

Yesterday begun very productive as I finished up some writing for my online course before heading out to work in a coffee shop.


The change of scenery gave me a jolt (or was that the coffee), and I spent an hour or so there drafting some writing projects. One the way home I noticed a new snack shop which had just opened up and was selling all sorts of Western food so I just had to check it out.


It was pretty awesome! They sold everything from cheese balls to nutella and a crazy big selection of lollies. I restrained myself and got the spicy coconut chips (oh god so good), guacamole corn chips (ahhhh) and 6 coconut waters – all up only about $9 which is amazingly cheap.

I was pretty excited to find the coconut water as it is one of my favorite drinks but until a month ago was impossible to find in Daegu. The only place in Korea you could get it was Seoul at Itaewon High Street Market, and it cost close to $4 for a bottle. We have been noticing it pop up lately in the supermarkets but it is always around $3 for a drink which is just a little to expensive. That’s why I was so happy to find them at my new favorite snack shop for $1 each. I went a little crazy.


I spent the rest of the day skyping the family, taking a nap and watching ‘Pitch Perfect’ to see what all the fuss was about. It was a good movie but I don’t think I got hooked like most people seem too. We headed out around 9 to a friends leaving drinks and didn’t get home until 3am which is why I am so tired today. The lack of sleep both Friday and Saturday night plus the weird mix of drinks means that I don’t feel too sharp today. But I had a great night seeing some lovely people and saying goodbye.

I may have to go shopping again today, that coconut water is not going to last and I need to try ALL the coconut chips. Have a great Sunday! 


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