Happiness Day 61

Hey there, happy Saturday!

I am loving the three day weekend and have spent it just trying to relax. I know I always seem to say that, but I really am terrible at relaxing. I always say that I will do nothing and take the day off but end up finding something that just needs to be done instead like cleaning, writing or exercising. Yesterday I managed to just chill and enjoy the day off work.



There was dress shopping.


Coffee (with an awesome photo bomb from a Korean man).


Cocktails of vodka and pomegranate juice – yum!


Inspired by getting out of the makeup rut I tied my hair up for the first time in what must be years. The insane heat may have influenced this decision as well. I just feel like I look so weird and serious with my hair back, and my head is too small, but the hair sticking to my neck was just too much to handle (TMI).

I also finished ‘Orange is the New Black’ and loved it right to the end. It is fascinating to read about how a prison works and just how terrible it really is. One thing that struck me was how many women who are locked up have been involved in drug smuggling or underground work and therefore have no real work experience. While in jail there is little support in getting skills or qualifications which may help them find employment in the future. When they are released there is very little help provided in finding things such as a place to live or a job. As a result most of them end up participating in crime again. I found it really sad that this happens, it is almost a mentality that there are no second chances and we can’t learn from our mistakes. I hope people who read the book and see the TV show are motivated to research this more and encourage change. I know it has changed my perspective on prisoners and how they should be re-integrated and welcomed back into society.

With that rant over I might go have a nap! Our neighbors were crazy loud last night and I was still awake at 4am – not cool. Have a good one.


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