Happiness Day 60 and too many fantastic books

I decided to try and get out of the make-up rut yesterday and actually do something with my eye shadow. Not just put on a colour but actually blend and all that crazy shit. I managed to achieve something other then my usual plain beige eye shadow and liner (that couldn’t sound any duller) and made myself some pretty purple eyes.


It is the small things that make you feel a little pretty during the day.

Last night I came home and lounged around reading my kindle. I have been on a string of really good books lately which is fantastic. Usually it seems like I will find a great read and everything after that is kind of disappointing. But after finishing Jeffrey Eugenides ‘The Marriage Plot’, I jumped on the Maya Angelo memorial train and read ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.’


I hadn’t actually read any of her books before and wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it as I find it hard to relate to books about African Americans in the South. I made it halfway through ‘The Color Purple’ but obviously I can’t understand what these people went through sot he characters are harder to connect to. Maya Angelou shut me up though! Her book was insightful and more just about a girl growing up. I loved it!

This was followed with David Sedaris’ ‘Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Demin’. HIs books are always so funny and easy to read. I guess I felt like something more serious after that as I picked up John Steinbecks ;When the Moon is Down’ which was also a great read. I love Steinbeck’s novels, and this one was very short which fit in nicely with my half day on Wednesday.


Right now I am reading ‘Orange in the New Black.’ The TV show is awesome and once I found out it was based on a book written by the real Piper I knew I had to read it. We all know that movies and TV shows can sometimes skew the original but this book is very close to the series. It is also really interesting to read about women’s prisons and understand how so many people can end up there.

Lots of great reads but once I finish ‘Orange is the New Black’ I am after to start something else and ruin this glorious book streak!

With that said I might go pick up my kindle now. What’s on your reading list?



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