Happiness Day 58 and 59 – TV show love

Hope you are having a lovely week! I got lucky today as it is the general elections for Korea so the city is shut for the morning. We didn’t have to go into work until 2:30pm which was marvelous! I spent the morning doing yoga, reading and cleaning the fridge (party!), but managed to get in a fantastic sleep in.


Yesterday was kind of a bummer of a day. Just noisy kids, a humid classroom and frustrating co-workers. I came home in a bad mood and we decided to head out to a kimbap nara to get dinner.

I usually get the mixed noodles (trying to avoid rice twice in a day), which come with hot sauce, fresh veggies and seaweed. Unfortunately they must have messed it up because I got noodles with sauce, a little cucumber and nothing else. So disappointing! Needless to say I wasn’t that happy when we headed home. But then I spent the night curled up in bed with my man watching The Office – the UK version of course.


This show always gets me and watching it with my someone special makes it all the better. We stayed up way to late finishing the show and slept in this morning. I woke up feeling much better.

In the spirit of TV, todays happiness came in the form of Golden Girls which I have recently begun re-watching.


Still so funny and always really sweet. It really makes me miss all my friends back home though. I have met some nice people here but no-one that I really clicked with. I don’t have that group of girls here that I can just say what’s on my mind and not worry about being judges. There is nothing better then lying around at your friends house doing nothing but relaxing. I can’t wait to get back home and see them!

Have a good end of the week 🙂


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