Happiness Day 57

Hey there, don’t worry I am feeling much better today! I got through Monday without anything terrible happening, and managed to get in an ab workout last night (all lying down  on the mat so absolutely no weight on the bad ankle). It is amazing how much exercise changes my mood. I felt significantly happier afterwards and like am still buzzing this morning.

I have noticed in the past few months that I have become really anxious and that was bought into light over the weekend. Being injured and not able to stick to my routine really upset me and I started to worry about stupid crap. My family does have a history of anxiety conditions and I think that when I am back home and able to talk to a doctor with more understanding of it (Korea doesn’t really have a grasp of mental health yet), I need to go on some sort of medication for it. I often find myself often stressing over small things that most people wouldn’t think twice about, and worried that if I don’t do something a certain way then things will all fall apart. Case in point, I ordered some things off iHerb the other day and they are talking awhile. I can see through the tracking that my package has been in customs since Friday and hasn’t been cleared but this is just making me panic. I keep thinking that there is something wrong with it and I am going to get into trouble for an item I have bought, or I will never get it and have wasted $60. On a level I realize that it is silly to think so obsessively like this (it has kept me up at night), but on another I just can’t stop it.


Please excuse my venting here, it is something that I have been noticing for awhile about my behavior and needs to be sorted before it gets worse. I am writing about it to acknowledge that something isn’t quite right, but also in case anyone else feels like this.

Anyway let’s end this with something hilarious. I had to do an activity on expanding yesterday where kids drew a balloon before we blew it up and then afterwards. Unfortunately the only balloon’s I could find were heart shaped and this meant that deflated they looked a little inappropriate. As a result I have a lot of pictures that look like this.


The worst part are the instructions at the top of the paper :S Luckily my co-teacher understand what it looked like straight away and thought it was funny, so there was no awkward explaining on my part. This is why working with little kids can be fantastic sometimes.


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