Happiness (just) Day 56

Things are not too good with me. I had a dark day yesterday where the weight of the world was on my shoulders. All started well when I woke up, I was all amped up for a day of rest. But after a few hours of sitting on the bed watching movies and reading blogs I started to feel restless. I am not good at relaxing, my mind just seems to be constantly engaged and I find it so hard to wind down. Most of the time I am always doing something and have another task waiting at the back of my mind. Sitting on the bed with housework and groceries not done I felt a bit frustrated and useless. It didn’t help that my ankle was killing me and the burn looks like a nasty zombie bite.

After lying there all day I started to overthink crap like what am I going to do when I get home for work, money and an apartment. It is June 1st, time is going way to fast and I can’t keep pushing these things to the back of my mind forever :S I apologize for this negativity, but it was a bad day yesterday that had me really searching for something that made me happy. I got there in the end though.


While lying there feeling useless I decided to get crafty and made some paper flowers. They look nice, wont die and are handmade which made me feel a little better.


Here is hoping for a more positive Monday!


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