Happiness Day 55

I am an idiot.

My ankle is super swollen, the burn is stinging and last night I managed to scald my legs with a hot pate. So now I have blisters on my thighs from that incident. Seriously I am falling apart!! Rest from exercise and life in general is much needed I think. Other then that yesterday was a beautiful day.


It was 37 degrees! We went downtown to buy some new summer work clothes and just about melted walking around in the heat. After visiting Dos Tacos for lunch (burrito with real avocado in it in case you are wondering, it was amazeballs), we decided it was iced coffee time.


There is a really nice hole in the wall café that has seating outside where you can just chill and watch the world go by. So under the shade of umbrellas we sat for a couple of hours just watching hand phone zombies and realizing how many foreigners there are here.




The best part of the afternoon was the music the café was playing. At one point we were enjoying the silence before the first few bars of Color me Badd ‘All for Love’ came on the sound system. The Mr and I gasped and looked at each other at the same time before cracking up. That song is a big joke between us and his sister for being the worst and creepiest music video ever. We couldn’t stop laughing about that fact that it was playing in downtown Korea.

To round off the day we had a few cheeky vodkas at home and grabbed a salad and beer for dinner. It was just too hot for anything else. Now I have promised not to use my leg at all today so am off to lie on the couch and hope for a good movie on. Have a lovely Sunday 🙂




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