Happiness Day 54

Hey there

I am trying really hard to be happy today but too be honest my ankle is messed up :S It was feeling better yesterday so I did a small workout where I modified all the heavy cardio. Instead of doing things like frog jumps and pedal lunges I did some old school boxing and core work. But it was still throbbing so I quickly applied ice afterwards while I sat down to eat dinner.

It was here I made a total rookie mistake. I didn’t realize how important it is to place something between your skin and the ice, and that there is a 20 minute rule for icing. Instead, I simply put it on my ankle and left it for about half an hour.

Somehow I didn’t really notice that it was stinging but when I eventually took the ice off I had a massive ice-burn. It stung all evening and it particularly nasty and blistered. I was a little worried but this morning it seems to be better and isn’t a major burn. Let this be a lesson to you all! First of all, rest your damn injuries (I am such a hypocrite here but am seriously regretting working out last night), and second, wrap a towel around the ice and only have it on your skin for 20 minutes max. Ice-burn is not something you want to mess around with and can get out of hand quickly.

Okay with the bad part of the day over, there are a few things making me happy lately.IMG_0507
– We hit 35 degrees this week and while it is hot, after a long winter I am grateful for it. Bring on summer dresses, cold smoothies and icy mojitos!

 I turned up to one class yesterday o find that all the bad kids were absent. The only two that had attended were the best one and we had a relaxing class just playing games and talking.
– I know you are probably sick of my harping on about ice-cream, but I just can’t help it! Yesterday just before the final class for the day a boy turned up with ice-cream for the ENTIRE school! That’s about 100 kids and 10 staff. So we just got to sit in the hot classroom eating ice-cream until the end of the week. I am sure he made some new friends.

This poem by Maya Angelou is something all women should read.



– And in the spirit of self-love, check out these images of paintings which have been re-touched to confirm to todays beauty standards. They don’t look nearly as good as the originals!
-I managed to do a little online wedding shopping the other day and purchased these cutlery holders. The funny thing is, I saw them on pinterest awhile ago (before I was engaged, ahem) and loved them. When they popped up for sale online I just had to buy them. There is something so satisfying about actually purchasing or making what you pinned.

I am feeling a little happier now and promise not to move for the rest of the weekend. I want this ankle healed! Have a lovely weekend.


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