Good and Bad Beauty Habits

 Like most people, since coming to Korea I have been swept up by their skincare products. This country is a tad obsessed with different products and having great skin so it is kind of hard not to get caught up. I also love that items like toner and exfoliator are much cheaper then in NZ so I can actually afford to use them. The other day I stumbled across this post on The Wanderlust Project about our own beauty habits and thought I would do my own version. While I don’t have the best beauty habits I do have some good ones, and it’s always nice to give our self credit every now and then. Lord knows I spend too much time focusing on what I am not good at.

So here goes

The good

– I always, always take my make up of and wash my face at night.  Even if I am sick or stumbling home from drinking I will make sure to remove my makeup and use a cleaner at least. I hate waking up with makeup on my face and know that it is terrible for me.

– Same goes for brushing my teeth! I can’t sleep without cleaning them, it makes me feel gross.

– On the subject of teeth I am super good at flossing twice a day – no  fooling! I even use mouthwash every night. I think it is a result of having braces for several years and finally having a mouth to be proud of.

– I moisturize a lot. Daegu is hot in summer and dry in winter. I always make sure that my skin in nice and soft. I use a foot cream, hand cream, body lotion and face cream.

– I have a different face cream for the evening and morning, because that does make a difference!

– When I buy foundation and primer I make sure it has sunscreen in it. Gotta keep that skin protected (and try to hold off the wrinkles for awhile).

– My diet is mostly healthy and I drink a ton of water. It makes such a difference with my skin.

– I try not to wear too much makeup. Honestly I apply foundation, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara at most. Even when I have a special night out I don’t like to have too much gunk on my face.

– And finally I always take off makeup before exercising, may seem obvious but it is easy to forget.

The Bad

– My nails are in terrible condition. I keep putting on nail polish then chipping it off and using cheap acetone. As a result the nails look really unhealthy and aren’t all smooth and pretty.

– I get stuck in a rut with makeup colors. I will find an eye shadow and stick with it for months.

– Overall I know very little about how to apply makeup. I always wish I knew how to do something amazing – or even just knew how to blend it – but it doesn’t happen.

– I pick at my face. It’s gross and bad but I just can’t help it! Probably my worst habit ever.

– My hair is really thin and sits very flat so I wash it a lot. Like every day :S I know that is really bad for me but when I try to stop it just goes all limp and oily and I look terrible. One day I didn’t wash it and a boy told me that I looked like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings.

– I can’t do eyebrows. I always over pluck them and manage to miss some strays. There is zero shape to them and I just can’t ever seem to get them right.

– Even though I am super sensitive to caffeine and have trouble sleeping, I just can’t stop drinking coffee. It probably dries out my skin too, but I love it. We all have our vices.
Chances are there are more bad habits, but lets not dwell on them too much. What about you? Any things you are terrible with or fantastic at?


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