Happiness Day 54

Hey there, happy Friday!

Yesterday was a crazy hot one. I think it reached 35 degrees which is troublesome when you consider that it is still just Spring. On Thursdays I have to do this drama type class with the kindergartners which involves singing, dancing and (yesterday) sweating. By the time 3pm rolled around I was a disgusting beast. I went downstairs to grab a drink from the corner shop and was met with a wonderful surprise.


Daegu has coconut water!!

My favorite drink of the summer is coconut water. It is so refreshing, tasty, healthy and actually manages to cool me down. It was a bit pricey ($3 for the bottle), but I decided to treat myself and just grab one. Totally worth it.

I must have forgotten about it later on though when I spent $4 on a mango with the justification that it was a treat – my bad! But still the best damn mango ever. If it is going to continue to be this hot then I foresee many treats in my future.

This morning is shaping up well. I am resting my ankle but did some core work in which I did not put any weight on my foot at all. It is hard but I need it. Right now I am enjoying oats and an iced coffee served in my pretty new glass.


My blender came with these so you can just make a drink, pop in a straw and start drinking. I love it.

Have a fantastic Friday!


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