Happiness Day 52

It is funny the things you start to miss when you move overseas. When I first came to Korea three years ago, I thought that I would be pining for cheese for the entire year. Surprisingly, I found that I didn’t miss it that much. Instead I had a hankering for fresh fruit which I devoured when I returned home.

Now I have been living away from home for a solid 14 months and I think it is starting to take its toll. While I’m still not fantasizing about cheese, I have been having some odd food cravings. More specifically for a good two months I have really wanted a Griffin’s shrewsbury biscuit. God knows why, I don’t think I have eaten one since I was about 12. But for some reason I feel like there is a void I my life which only a crunchy biscuit and jam can fill.

So it made me happy when a package from home arrived yesterday with some biscuits!


In a recent skype conversation I casually mentioned to my Mother-in-Law to be that I had been thinking about these so she sent through a giant packet, and some 100s and 1000s too! I have been like a little kid eating these. You know, scraping the pink icing off the biscuit before eating the rest… And trying every different shrewsbury because when I was younger I seriously believed that each shape tasted differently :S

Korea does have biscuits, but they are usually just plain flavored type things that are average at best. From someone who has spent many years dunking biscuits into cups of tea they just don’t cut it.

And with that it is Wednesday – weekend is in sight people!


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