Happiness Day 51

I always wish I could be one of those people with beautiful feet. You know the ones. Their toes are always nicely manicured and the skin is always so soft and perfectly exfoliated. I really don’t know how they do it, my feet go through so much during the average day. Just with walking around and exercising alone they are not in the best of shape. But summer is here and with it brings sandal season so the other day I purchased the Food Moisturizer from the Body Shop.


The price was a little high, but I decided to treat myself and knew I could rest easy in the fact that this wasn’t testing on animals and is all natural. This is something I will buy again! My feet feel so soft and pretty, plus it has an amazing peppermint smell. Each time I use it I feel like it is the holiday season and love walking around all day knowing my feet smell like xmas.

So a little random, but this is making my happy right now. Actually yesterday was pretty damn good for a Monday, maybe this week wont be too bad (famous last words). Have a good one!



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