Happiness Day 49


Bike riding through the country on a beautiful day, does it get much better then this?


Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and head out of Daegu for a day trip. Gyeoungju is a city less then an hour away by bus so it seemed lazy not to go. We had been once before and loved the city as it is very small but packed with scenery and the remaining tombs and temples of an ancient dynasty. You can easily walk around Gyeoungju but one of the big draws is that you can rent bikes for the day and explore it that way.


This is definitely the way to see the city. The bike rental place was right outside the bus terminal so we walked outside, grabbed two from a couple that spoke English, and only paid $7 each for 8 hours. This really could not be easier.

Gyeoungju has something to see everywhere and a ton of maps and signs plastered around the city. We just biked around and quickly came across a lotus pond  and this beautiful garden.



Seriously this could not have been more picturesque of a day.

We biked along a country road through the rice paddies which felt like something out of a travel documentary. One of the best things about the day was how quiet it was, there were hardly any people around and the ones we did see were just lazing around and enjoying the sun. After being in a busy city all week it was good to have the peacefulness and not get bothered.


Last time we were in Gyeoungju we had trouble finding a restaurant as everything was just kimbap naras selling quick and cheap Korean food. It is delicious, but with the heat and all the biking we had done the idea of hot rice was not very appealing. Luckily I spotted a new falafel food stand that had opened just opposite the bus terminal so we checked it out hesitantly.

I saw hesitantly because often Korea will adopt a food and give it their own twist, such as kimchi tacos. I absolutely love falafel and did not want to get my hopes up but oh I was so mistaken!


The women running the stand spoke English and told us that she had lived in New Zealand and Israel. After she mentioned that I felt bad for being skeptical, if she has been in Israel then she would know her falafel.

She cooked up falafel, gace us a giant pita and pointed to all the salads before saying ‘just fill your own, stuff as much as you want in there.’ Best women ever! In a weird coincidence she had only opened her shop the day before and gave us each a little packet of fresh dates as a thank you for being some of her first customers. Such a lovely women, I really hope her business does well!

Overall a damn happy day! One of the best I have had in Korea. If you are in Daegu going to Gyeoungju is crazy easy, just go to the bus terminal right opposite the Dong Daegu station. Tickets are about 5,000won and buses leave every half hour. Once you arrive in Gyeoungju everything is outside the bus terminal including a very good information stand. Couldn’t be easier!



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