Happiness Day 47

Today was a hot hot day. The kind where you just can’t drink enough water and don’t really feel like eating. OKay maybe not that hot, I always have room for food.

I started off the day with a repeat of yesterdays brekkie.

You just can’t go wrong with overnight oats and iced-coffee. I made my coffee a very small one though. We had a field trip to the Botanical Gardens and I have a small bladder, I didn’t want to be squirming on the bus (TMI)?

The trip was really good but oh it was the worst weather to walk around in! The sun was just beaming down on us and running after kids is so exhausting. When all of them fell asleep in the bus on the way home I was tempted to join. Instead I just lay back and enjoyed the snuggles from the little girl who dozed off on me.

Field trips always give me something to smile about. For one Korean kids get dressed up super adorable, just check out this hat.

For another, their parents back a mean lunch. At school a cook makes the lunch everyday so I guess this is the one chance the mums have to show off their skills, and I actually think a competition has begun.


They always bring rice balls which have been pimped out to look like a character or animal.


And they have fruit which has been perfectly cut and put on little skewers, often with a bow or two.

Then there are mini sandwiches and a plethora of snacks. I know the perception is that Koreans are healthy, and for the most part they are, but when it comes to field trip day there is no such thing as portion control. Each kids seems to bring a giant glad seal bag that is full of cookies, chips and lollies. There must be a whole box of cookies and chip packed inside each one. Everyone shares which is so lovely to see, and I guess it means that they don’t end up eating too much, but it does seem like overkill. The bright side is that we get a lot of snacks. Today I got cake, lollies, cookies, cherries and watermelon – amazing!

Unfortunately we had to go back to work to teach the older kids in the afternoon, but the Starbucks coffee which recently opened next to work helped with that. I am looking forward to jumping in bed tonight!

The time the mothers must spend is amazing!



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