Nitrogen Lab – because normal ice-cream just wont cut it any more

If there is one thing Korea loves it is themed cafes and ice-cream. Recently the two have been combined at Nitrogen Ice Lab, a laboratory themed ice-cream parlor that uses science, beakers and liquid nitrogen to produce deliciously creamy and unique ice-cream.  With the notorious summer right around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better.


The concept isn’t new to Korea, as Busan has already had success with its own Nitrogen Ice Lab, and it’s no surprise. These ice-cream parlors are hard to ignore as huge nitrogen tanks adorn the street and staff in white coats greet you at the door. In typical Korea fashion no detail is left unnoticed as the stores are filled with giant beakers and complicated looking mixers which are often surrounded in a cloud of smoke.


Ice-cream is truly a science here with each order being individually made in front of your eyes in a process that involves blow-torches and syringes.  Getting ice-cream here isn’t just a way to cool down as there is something special about being able to watch people make your ice-cream for you.

The flavors themselves are individual with the strawberry option coming adorned with a syringe full of syrup, and the marshmallow one decorated with marshmallows which have been blow torched to achieve a melted perfection. For something really special, order the crème brulee and watch the staff use a flame to perfectly crisp the top of the ice-cream. Other choices include tiramisu, rice bubbles and candy floss, all of which have their own take on ice-cream.



Ice-cream parlors are everywhere in Korea but Nitrogen Ice Lab offers a refreshing twist on cooling down this summer. The actual ice-cream itself is delicious, but it really is the novelty and experience that you go for. I cannot wait to go back and try more!


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