Catching up and Happiness 41, 42, 43

Well I survived the teachers training – but only just. We had been warned it was around 4 hours but I think most of us didn’t really believe that, surely the people taking it did not want to be spending a majority of their Saturday talking to board adult. Oh we were wrong. After turning up to work all tired and resentful for being there, everyone was given an information packet that had a schedule on the front. It perfectly outlined the day and made it pretty damn clear that we would be there for a good four hours.


To make matters worse each pack had a set of flashcards and sample lesson inside, which indicate to us all that we were going to have to do a demo class. Sitting at this little table knowing I had hours to go and would have to teach in front of my co-workers was a terrible feeling. I went to a dark place for awhile and was feeling pretty damn pissed at the guy who ran the training. It didn’t help that he was a but of, well a bit of a dick. His English was really good (he was Korean) but he had zero people skills. He did that thing were people try to get you to like them by making fun of other people. So when I just sat there not answering questions because I was in a foul mood he decided to use me as an example and said ‘some students are slow because they don’t get it, like Roz over there.’ Ahhh needless to say no one liked him!

Another major problem was that he tried to tell us that each class should start with 10 minutes of the teacher talking and zero time for the students. His exact words were ‘shove information down their throats then test them.’ Worst teaching idea!! It is much more efficient to try and see if the kids know the subject first, get them talking and interested so they don’t doze off and then introduce some new ideas. His theory was that kids learn better when they are listening for minutes on end, obviously he has never taught kids before!

But we survived and the rest of the night involved Thai food, wine and Indiana Jones. Actually not too bad of an evening.


Sunday was spend doing jobs like cleaning and shopping (ew) but I managed to get some ice-cream eating in there from this awesome Nitrogen Lab ice-cream parlor which just opened. Review to come – spoiler, it is awesome.


Overall it was not a happy weekend, but I am focusing on the positives that the training is over and I never have to sit through it again.

Happy Monday.



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