Happiness Day 41

The good news – it’s Friday!!!


The bad- I have to go into work tomorrow for four hours to do training. If there is one thing I dislike more then working on the weekend it is training. I seldom find it helpful and instead spend the day listening to a stranger tell me how to do my job in the way I already am, my co-workers asking questions that drag out the process even longer, and participating in lame group exercises. When it comes to teacher training there can be activities like teaching a sample class and playing games to use in the classroom, fingers crossed we don’t have to do any of that tomorrow!

So whining over. Yesterday I was so proud of myself for making it to zumba twice in a week šŸ™‚ I am trying to go a lot before the instructor goes on maternity leave, whenever that may be. It must be soon becauseĀ IĀ have moments in each class where I am sureĀ that baby if just going to zumba out of her. After zumba I grabbedĀ a yummy tofu burgers with my fiancĆ© and convinced him to join me at the gelato place. I ate and he had a coffee. I made it clear that if he wanted any he needed to get his own because lately I have been loving all things ice-cream/sorbet/gelato and don’t want to share.


This was mint gelato and biscotti. So good! Seriously is there anything more amazing then mint chocolate? It is rocking my world right now. As is this random photo I stumbled across.


Happy Friday!


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