Happiness Day 40 – Teachers Day :D

Korea have so many holidays that just don’t exist in NZ. A couple of weeks ago was children’s day which is a public holiday where kids basically get presents and hugs for being them. This comes not long after white day when boys give girls insanely packaged candy, flowers and soft toys (like valentines on crack), and is followed by parents day when kids give their mum and dad a red carnation to wear. These holidays are nice given the intensity of the Korean work and school system, and I like how they appreciate people a little more then we do in the West. I could be biased, however, as today is teachers day 😀



And while we don’t get the day off work, we do get a lot of presents from kids. This is one holiday I think we should adopt, it is so nice to acknowledge teachers and how hard they work, not to mention thanking then for dealing with your noisy and sometimes frustrating kids all day. I have already received a few of these rose pens.


Korea is the king of over packaging the most basic of things. I once got a giant box from some parents that was wrapped in a bow and full of shredded paper. I dug through it, found a tiny envelope that had another bow and some fake pearls pasted on it, only to open it and discover a Starbucks gift card. To be honest I was over the moon about getting a Starbucks gift card, all that packaging was just so unnecessary..

This is a pen that is in a case more elaborate then the rose from Beauty and the Beast. A lot of ribbons and confetti fill up trash bags in this country. Despite the complaints these gifts are very appreciated by myself and all the teachers, sometimes Korea does get it right 😀


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