Happiness and Insanity 38

Last year I got myself into shape with Jillian Michaels DVDs. In fact I may have gotten a little obsessive, starting with 30 day shred then the 6 week 6 pack and finally the newest 30 day shred. The workouts made me so much fitter and helped me lose a little weight and tone up which is always nice. Since then I have been looking for something new to do, and have heard a million people talk about Shaun T’s Insanity workouts. I have a friend who does them and told me they are hard but work fantastically. After 6 months of Jillian kicking my ass I was cocky. All I was thinking was ‘if I can master Jillian Michaels then I can handle this Shaun T guy.’

My god I was wrong.

These workouts are so.damn.hard! The warm up in the very first one is ten minutes of pure cardio that includes butt-kickers, jumping jacks and high knees (my least favorite thing in the world). Getting through that without stopping was a huge accomplishment. This is usually followed by 3 minutes of a circuit, a 30 second rest and then that circuit again but at a much faster speed.


Not going to lie, the first couple of times I could not finish the DVD. I was panting, stopping and wanting to die. But as I persisted something happened and after a couple of weeks I was busting these out each day. Although they are hard, it is amazing how fast out bodies can adapt, and that feeling of completing something which was once impossible is badass.

The program is divided into two months, with a recovery week in between. I was feeling pretty good after the first month of workouts and had finished the plan Shaun T sets out so this week marked my start of month 2. The workouts are a little longer and I had heard they are much more difficult. Let me just say that month 2 is no joke. The moves from the first DVDs are used but Shaun T adds something extra just to push you. Remember the V push-ups from the earlier workouts? Let’s now do them for twice as long with one leg raised in the air. You liked the push ups we did? Now we are going to do them faster and raise an arm and leg in the air when we push up. Seriously I was amazed at the things he wanted us to do.
But last night I completed day 2 of the second month and I am feeling amazing. Not because it is easy or anything (I am struggling) but because I am attempting and sometimes mastering things that I never ever thought I would be able to do. I love Jillian for getting me into shape and introducing me to different exercises, but Insanity has pushed me and made me realize that I am capable of so much more then I ever thought was possible. I am getting stronger and loving it. And that makes me so happy.


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