Happiness Day 36


After getting all the cleaning, studying and boring stuff like that done I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the University. It was so nice and warm, although I did eventually leave when I begun to feel like everyone was looking at me. It is one of the little annoying things about living in another country. Some days I feel like I totally fit in and just walk around living my life without a care. Then there are days where I get the sense that everyone is looking at me which makes me feel so uncomfortable. I just want to be left alone in Korea, but there is not a week that goes by where a Korean person doesn’t say hello or try to talk to me. It is nice that they care, (although there are also the days where people are so rude to me and make me want to crawl in a hole and die), but when I am relaxing in the park or going for a run I don’t really feel like stopping for an awkward chat. Anyway a lot of people were walking past me at the University and having a good look at what the foreigner was doing so eventually I departed.


The rest of the night was spent making my first pizza dough. It turned out pretty good but was a little thicker then I usually like, thin and crispy all the way! I loaded the base with leftover pasta sauce instead of tomato paste, jalapenos and mozerella cheese. It was damn tasty! We did go out for a couple of drinks then headed home to re-watch 30 rock, shit gets crazy when you’re 25!

Today is my rest day from exercise and life in general so I plan to nap and drink iced-coffee. Have a lovely lazy Sunday šŸ™‚


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