Happiness Day 35

I love Saturdays 🙂 Despite from the obvious no work it gives me a chance to get everything done and out of the way so I can relax for the rest of the weekend. I woke up today feeling extremely motivated – a rare occurrence – so made myself a nice little to do list and have already made a huge dent in it. The list involved cleaning the house , dusting the crap out of it (there is a weird yellow pollen haunting Daegu at the moment and it has taken over the inside of our apartment and given us mad allergies), getting some online course done, organizing my photos, meal planning and replying to a million emails.

I know it is odd to be so busy on a Saturday, but I like getting all the jobs and crap out of the way. Then for the afternoon, evening and all of Sunday I can just do whatever I want. I am not too sure what this weekend will involve, but my basil plant has been growing strong so tonight pizza making is going to happen.

Yesterday was theme day at work so the kids all came in their pjs. Super cute for little 3 year olds but when grown people wear pjs to work it is just creepy. I got away with a tshirt and pj pants but some of the Korean teachers had those full on button up ones that you wear as a kid. Ahhh worst theme day for adults! But how adorable are the students.




The other great thing about the day is that we could get away with playing the sleeping game. It’s when all the students have to pretend to sleep while we tickle them. The ones who are the quietest get a sticker… total teacher cop out!


Have a lovely weekend 😀


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