Happiness Day 32

We had yesterday off work and I was determined to just relax. I had a few things on my relaxing list (oxymoron?) and managed to get them all done. After getting my morning workout over and done with I headed out with my kindle for a coffee from my favorite coffee shop in the area. I guess my love for it shows because when stamping my coffee card the owner commented that all the stamps but two were for his store. He then counted and told me I had 14 stamps from this year alone :S What can I say though, the coffee is fantastic and I am in love with the soy cream latte that they do. Soy milk is harder to get in coffee shops but they have it and make a whipped cream for the coffee which is perfectly cold and not at all sweet and sickly like most whipped creams. They also give customers a little chocolate schip shortbread cookie to enjoy with each drink which are a big factor in most visits there. Anyway my patronage is paying off because I was given a home made chocolate in addition to my shortbread cookie as service 😀


The rest of the day was spent baking scones, chilling with my kindle and napping. Who could ask for a better day? 


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