Happiness Day 26

When I was younger I was known for my huge birthday parties. I lived in a small town and that meant that all the kids knew each other and would attend one another’s parties. For me, these involved so many cookies, cakes, lollies, chips and treats that you only got to eat at birthday parties back in the day. My mum would plan games like treasures hunts and pin the tail on the donkey. These parties were fun and usually had 20 kids attending. On my fourth birthday party we had the usual planned and my parents spent the day before furiously baking and making party decorations. But I managed to wake up really sick. Like stomach virus, couldn’t get out of bed sick. It was so disappointing but, as my parents had already set up and all the kids were counting on a party, they decided to go ahead with the day. I can remember lying on the couch watching everyone eat and play, while I just lay there feeling sad. In reterospec I would have done the same, everyone had a good time and I got to eat the leftovers when I was better the next day.


Since then I have had a good run on birthdays and health, that is until yesterday. I have the flu 😦 On my 25th birthday. The day before I am going to Seoul to eat and party. It is so unfortunate and I am hoping to god that I wake up tomorrow feeling fine and can will be sitting in Itaewon tomorrow eating delicious vegan food and drinking cocktails. Otherwise it will be much like my 4th birthday where I sit and watch everyone else having a good time.

Despite the sick my day was really good. I had many Happy Birthday wishes from the kids, but the highlight of my day came from the 5 year olds. They made pancakes in the morning and when I went to collect them at 1:30 I found the kids walking in a line singing happy birthday, the girl at the front was holding a pancake that said Happy Birthday on it.


So thoughtful and it made me feel really special. Being in another country for my birthday is always a little hard, but they made me feel loved. I had to eat a bite in front of them before I could snap a pic, but you get the idea.


Also props to my mum for the Noddy card! You are never too old for this guy and his yellow car.


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