Happiness Day 25

Despite my negativity in the last post, today has started out fabulous. The rain finally stopped after it poured for three days straight 🙂 And although my voice was absolutely gone by the end of the day yesterday, today it seems to be there. Just got to take it very quiet today (says the kindergarten teacher :S)


Last night before bed I was feeling a little down about my birthday. It is my third one away from home, and 25 is some sort of milestone so I would have loved to be back with my family for it. Being overseas for birthdays makes you realize how far away you really are from friends and family, and can make you feel a little lonely. But my amazing fiancé gave me a card last night that he had made and gotten every single student at work to sign. It made me so happy to know that there are some people here thinking of me. I love these kids and after teaching them for a year, they do feel like friends/family to me.


Let’s hope the rest of the day continues to go so well 🙂


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