Happiness Day 24

It’s hard to feel happy right now. I managed to get super sick at one of those times when you really can’t be lying around in bed. This Saturday is the final of my boot camp and we are all getting measured and having out before/after pics completed. It means that this week I have been wanting to work out a little harder so that my results are good. But todays workout was skipped in favor of extra sleep time. I know it is what is good for my body but oh it is hard to listen to your body sometimes. To top it off, tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I am unsure if I will be feeling up to going out. That makes me sound like a total drama queen with first world problems, but it would be nice to have a romantic dinner out on my birthday rather then sit in bed and eat soup.

Okay rant over, let’s be positive! I am a huge listener to the podcast ‘Stuff Mom Never Told You’ which is series that takes a fantastic look at feminist and gender issues. Last night I was listening to an interview on the show with the inventor of ‘GoldieBlox’.


I had never heard of these but they are a toy designed to get girls interested in building things and engineering, given them options beyond dolls and princesses when visiting the toy store. The toys sound so cool, basically you read a book that tells a story about a girl called GoldieBlox who always needs help building something. The story tells the kids how to make it so they can build as they read – such a fun alternative to the numbered steps you would find in a lego box. I think I would have loved this when I was a kid and it makes me happy seeing that making things isn’t just limited to male toys. You can check them out here http://www.goldieblox.com/collections/products,

I kind of want one myself :S


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