Happiness Day 20 and 21

Friday was a little crazy so I didn’t have a chance to post.

After work I quickly busted out an Insanity work out. It left me feeling so sweaty and puffed, but I did it as soon as I got home so didn’t really notice what was going on until I finished. I love those moments when I am lying there thinking, did that just happen?
We bused downtown for dinner because I knew I would be busy all last night with a fundraiser and the usual Saturday night date wouldn’t be happening. I have been so excited ever since I found a burger place in Daegu that not only sells a tofu burger but sells one that is delicious. It comes covered in caramelized onions with pickles, cheese and real life potato wedges. You know you have been in Korea too long when the highlight of your day/week is wedges.

The rest of the night was spent with a few glasses of wine which made getting up yesterday a little hard. I managed to do some work in the morning and get in a bit of exercise (now that was hard), before heading off to a fundraiser for Daegu’s Time to Give.


We were having a polaroid photo booth at this huge music festival which was on downtown. I was so nervous about this, ever since the girl in charge of DTTG moved to Japan me and one other have kind of been running this charity. It raises money for all of the orphanages in Daegu. Unfortunately adopting in Korea is looked upon extremely unfavorably because people are so set on continuing their own blood line and don’t want to have a child from another. The kids in these places have very little chance of ever leaving and the government doesn’t do too much to support them. It is really sad. DTTG has volunteers who go and visit the kids every couple of weeks, just doing things like playing games or bringing nail polish and giving manicures. We also have volunteers who teach English classes for free on the weekends. These people are wonderful in my opinion, the last thing I ever want to do on the weekend is teach kids!


The money we were raising last night goes to taking some of the kids out to an event like a baseball game and also towards the Christmas party/gift giving at the end of the year. We were at the event for six hours and I have to say that I had low expectations (you had to pay 15,000won to get into the event so people were wanting to save the rest of their money for beer). But we managed to raise 229,00won! I am so happy we got that much support from the foreigners in Daegu, especially one girl who found some money on the bathroom floor and gave it to us rather then keep it for herself – she is going to get some great karma!


On a little bit of a downer, the girl who runs DTTG with me got pretty drunk and by the end of the night was disappearing and talking to her friends which left me stuck at the polaroid booth. I am not having a go at her for having fun, I had a couple of drinks too. I just think when running a charity fundraiser you shouldn’t get plastered. At one point I came back from the bathroom and she had left the wallet with all our money in it open on the table with a couple of 10s sticking out, if someone had pinched that I would have been so upset! Anyway that aside it was a great night and it feels good to have our first event have gone so well. I am exhausted today though, looking forward to a lazy Sunday.


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