Happiness Day 14

I feel like if I lived in a real house I would be into gardening. Having fresh vegetables on hand is just the best. In reality though, I don’t think I would be the best gardener, my patience isn’t good enough and I can foresee a few deaths by negligence. In an attempt to have some sort of garden in our small apartment, I have been starting small and growing a basil plant. I had low hopes – the plant only cost $2 from a dollar store – but its growing!!
That what makes me happy, I made a plant grow! And I may have fresh basil soon! I want to get another little herb, but that may be getting ahead of myself. My gardening philosophy right now is all about baby steps.

Yesterday was a wonderful Saturday. I did all the boring jobs like cleaning and grocery shopping early, and picked up goodies like mozerella cheese and fresh bread (someone is excited for fresh basil), before killing an Insanity workout at home. Shaun T works out like a mofo, my body is starting to look much more toned but damn his DVDs are hard!
To top it off I had boot camp in the afternoon, I don’t find the workouts there too challenging after being whipped by Shaun T all week, so boot camp for me is more about learning good form and exercising with a group. After bootcamp I had to rush home to shower then head right back out the door for a dinner with my book club peeps. I think we talk about the book for around ten minutes each time we meet and spend the rest of the club catching up, it’s great. We went to Pan Asia which is a Thai restaurant in Daegu and I had a wee foodgasm with the Pad Thai, I’ll be dreaming about that meal for awhile.

After dinner it was home to go out again for a drink with my fiancé. A busy day but a great one at that. Today is going to be spend doing nothing but reading and relaxing, I may even head back to bed for a nap right now.

What made you happy this weekend?


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