Happiness Day 12

I love having goals. I love crossing them off and achieving each one no matter how small it is. Unfortunately this means that I usually make too many for myself and work a bit too hard trying to achieve them. As this year is all about making myself a better person and getting ready to go home for job early next year, I have made an epic list of things that I want to have done by the end of the year. These include writing more and having a few things published for the local Daegu magazine, completing at least three online courses, learning some Maori and still managing to exercise enough to tone up my body. At the moment I am unsure if I want to complete a person trainer certificate when I get back so the exercise is an important part of this.

Instead of bettering myself though, I feel like I am stressing and running myself thin. To top it off, this year I am one of the organizers of Daegu’s Time to Give (A charity for the orphanages in Daegu) so am always trying to set up some sort of fundraising or media promo, and I have this wedding this to plan.

My days look like this – wake up, work out, go to my job which has zero down time there because of lesson planning, come home and work out, cook, eat, do some sort of study/house work/wedding planning and them crash into my bed before waking up to do it all over again. My days of late have involved very little relaxation time and I am starting to worry that I have gotten myself involved in more then I can handle. This reached a point last night when my fiancé told me that I was always ‘doing’ and never stopping to relax. I know he’s right, and I need to make this more of a priority. Perhaps scaling back on the exercise, asking for more help when it comes to house work and wedding planning (I can be a tad of a control freak) and just making sure I have at least 15 minutes a day that is just for me. With that in mind, I ended last night curled up in bed with my kindle, detaching from the world and doing something for enjoyment for once.


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