Happiness Day 10

When March of next year rolls around I am faced with a really daunting task, something I constantly think (and worry) about. After teaching in Asia for four years, we will not be resigning in Korea but instead have decided to return to NZ to try and begin a career there. The problem is that neither of us really know what we want to do and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, otherwise known as a BA in unemployment. In order to make myself hirable and explore other jobs or possible further study, my goal this year has been to learn and study as much as I can. This may sound a bit nerdy, but I really do feel at a loss when it comes to returning home. There isn’t a career field that I desperately want to break into, and I don’t want to go back to working in a supermarket for minimum wage.

With that in mind I have been taking coursera classes, using open2study and trying to write for the local Daegu magazine. Part of this educational boost has been learning Maori. It is something that I always wish I knew more of – particularly as my post-grad work was in Maori artist Nathan Pohio – and I know it will give me a wee advantage when I am looking for work in NZ. After beginning a few days ago I found that I really love learning it. The language is beautiful, and it is kind of exciting to study a language that has such a deep history (I told you it sounded nerdy). Yesterday studying a little on my break at work made me happy.

On a side note, coursera and open2study are fantastic, if you haven’t checked them out I recommend it. Have a lovely day.


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