Happiness Day 7

Yesterday I was pumped for a day of fitness. I had zumba in the afternoon and that was followed by the first boot camp class of the season. As I have been working out with Shaun T’s ‘Insanity’ at home, I was really excited to actually do some sort of group exercise that I could keep up with.

I should mention that the zumba instructor is about 5 months pregnant, and it is showing. She is still teaching the classes (modifying safely for herself of course), but the classes seem to be starting later and later as she is busy chatting to people and just hanging out. We began 10 minutes late but still finished right on time, I felt like I didn’t get my full workout and that sucked. But boot camp had me hoping. Last time I attended there were a few people that had a1 fantastic fitness level which pushed me to go harder and keep up. I was looking forward to the challenge and being told if my technique was okay.

I guess I missed the memo because none of the old people signed up and instead everyone in the group was a total exercise newbie. Now don’t be hating, there is nothing wrong with that and big claps for them turning up to get fitter and healthier. What it meant for me though was that the workout was scaled back with a lot of rest time – something I don’t think Shaun T knows the meaning of.

We did a series of circuits and if I could I modified them a little to make it more challenging, but the really disappointing factor was that after each 2 minute exercise we were given 1 minute rest. Seriously 1 minute! That is a lot of time. I know the others were thankful for it and I probably sound like a huge asshole, but I felt like it was a bit too long. Why not try and push people a little harder, through the sweat and pain, to show them that they are capable of more then they think. A 30 second rest would have been enough and maybe once or twice we could have skipped it to do the full 4 minutes.

I am interested in personal training so will keep going back to boot camp to get some perspective (and hang out with some lovely fitness minded people), but it wasn’t quite the intense exercise I expected. Maybe Shuan T is just that crazy so now the bar is set really high. I walked home and was feeling a little let down from my day of fitness, but after going downtown and spending forever trying to decide on a place for dinner I found my happiness photo of the day at Thursday Part Bar and Restaurant.

Tofu burger! In Korea! With actual real potato wedges on the side. It was delicious, and as I haven’t had a burger in over a year this was satisfying. Moral of the day – food always has my back 🙂


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