100 days of Happiness

Oh hello there.

It has been awhile, I wish I could make up a good excuse for not blogging but to be perfectly honest I feel that there has been nothing interesting to write about. My life has consisted of work, exercising and eating as winter has been making it hard to go anywhere and do much. But Spring is slowly creeping in and I have a few things to look forward to in the upcoming months including a fit camp, beginning kickboxing classes, visiting the city I used to live in and some other travels around Korea. A lot of interesting shindigs happening soon 🙂

For now I am going to use this space to post my 100 days of Happiness pictures. This is going around at the moment where basically you take a photo of something that makes you happy each day for – guess what! – 100 days. I like the idea that when things seem bland or boring you can still find happiness in the simplest of things.

Day 1!

Mine started off this morning with a surprisingly good breakfast which cured my hangover headache. I woke up late and a bit fragile but needed to eat something so blended up frozen banana, blueberries, protein powder and some pumpkin (no really). It ended up being an ice-cream type smoothie that was super creamy due to the pumpkin and perfectly ice cold. Anything that can make me smile on a hangover Sunday is a winner in my books. 


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