The No Coffee Thang

Before xmas I mentioned that I had gone a week without any coffee -a big milestone for me. I was feeling less cranky during the day and really enjoying not having a caffeine crash around mid morning. At the time I planned on taking this further to see the long term affects of no coffee.

With the holidays and everything I was in Japan and did have a coffee every morning, no reason really other then habit. Since I have been back my coffee habits have lessened a lot as I am still trying to be caffeine free, and I have began to notice the real reasons as to why I love my morning cup. Too be honest not drinking coffee has improved my overall mood and I do want to keep drinking less. Not because it is a drastic change but because I don’t like the feeling of reliance on it in the mornings. During the weekends, however, I notice really missing having a coffee and I think it comes down to one thing, comfort.

To be having a big mug of coffee is so comforting. It makes me feel snug and happy and I enjoy it. While I do love tea, coffee has something extra soothing that tea just does not. By removing coffee from my mornings I have discovered that I drink it because I like the taste and the ritual of having a coffee, and I am finding that I enjoy this even more now. Because I don’t make a cup everyday, having one is really relaxing and enjoyable for me, I don’t look at the drink as a pick me up but as a way of unwinding.

I guess what I am trying to say is that by cutting things out we are able to appreciate them more and discover if we really do like them or not. I do like coffee, I will keep drinking it, but I will now to it because it comforts me rather then because I feel like I have to have it. Sometimes we need to do this with food. Rather then just see it as filling our stomach we should take a moment to enjoy what we are eating or drinking and really savor it. It makes the experience so much more satisfying! I know that now when I sit down for a cup of coffee it really does brighten my day.


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