Nara – the day trip Disney dreams are made of

Hey there

Today was rough! It marks the first week back at work, the first of many until our next break in March. I had been hanging out for vacation for so long and now that is over I feel slightly amiss. So with that in mind, and as the weekend was pretty simple (I read 3 books and that was literally all I did, twas awesome), here is another wee recap of Kyoto.

Well kind of. This is the city of Nara, only an hour away by subway and totally worth the travel. We decided a day trip out of the city would be fun and I had been to Nara before and was dying to take the Mr. What’s so special about it you ask?

Well the deer of course!

Yeah seriously, this has to be seen to be believed. Nara is famous for its cities park which, as well as boasting some beautiful shrines and temples, is home to over 1,200 deer. The deer have lived in the area for hundreds of years and as a result the city has build around them and just let them be. It is pretty cool and they are the main draw card for most visitors, hence the super weird and cool city mascot.

One of the best things about the park is that it is only a fifteen minute walk from the train station up a street which is clearly marked. Very easy to get to and cuts down a ton of travel time making it in easy daytrip.

As you enter the park you walk past a lake and temple, with a few warning signs about the deer. At the end of the day they are wild animals and should be respected as such. They are peaceful, but if you go around poking them or shouting crazy things they will get angry and attack – but that’s just common sense.

When you do get into the park you are greeted with something amazing.
Hundreds of deer just walking around and chilling.

They go up to people to say hi.

Or just sit around waiting for you to buy the special deer crackers which many people do in order to feed them. Warning though, don’t let the deer see the crackers before you have had a chance to open them or they will get majorly excited and attempt to steal them from you – this happened to the Mr. and he was a little put off by them.

We walked around the park for an hour or so then headed back to the station, stopping first to get lunch.
One great thing about getting out of a major city is that food is a little cheaper so we had a fantastic meal of buckwheat soba (for me), curried pork cutlet and rice (him) and the worlds biggest and tastiest inari rolls. I seriously can’t stop dreaming about them.

If you are in Kyoto I recommend checking out Nara. The price is 689yen each way and tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth in Kyoto station. The staff here pride themselves on speaking fluent English so any translation issues or guilty feelings for being ‘those tourists’ are not needed.



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