104 things in 2014

Hey there, hope you are having a wonderful week! Mine is nice and short, just two days back at work and it is the weekend again which is a seriously needed break! Kyoto was fantastic but getting home required a 6am wakeup on New Years day (suck!) before catching a train, plane, subway, another train and finally a taxi. We got home at 5pm that day and had work the next morning. This weekend I foresee a lot of sleep and reading.

I may also begin working on this list. As I mentioned yesterday, last year I wrote down similar goals and was pretty happy with everything that I achieved – but I could do better. To make sure I stay on track with goals, trying new things and just enjoying life, I have jotted down 104 things to tick off this year. 104 is a bit of a random number but it is just what it came to, and it’s my list so I can do what I want 🙂 Here goes



– read 100 books

– read 10 nonfiction books

– watch 5 documentaries

– watch 5 foreign movies

– add 10 new artists to iTunes

– watch 5 musicals

– discover 5 new artists

– veganise 5 Korean dishes

– visit a museum or gallery 5 times

– go to a show

– learn to knit

– visit a new city in Korea

– visit 5 new restaurants

– learn to cook pancakes

– make kimchi



– complete 3 online courses

– learn some Maori

– publish something


– do a 1 day hike

– run a 5k

– try a new exercise class

– vegan for one week

– one month with no alcohol

– become an instructor for one exercise class

– be happy with my body

Spirit/Better Me

– make a life-lasting friend in Korea

– let David cook more

– 10 random acts of kindness

– pay of $5000 of my loan

– wear read lipstick

– host something

– monthly gratitude’s

– monthly charity work

– donate to a worthy cause

– host a fundraiser

– journal once a week

– have a special birthday

– learn a lesson from a failure

– complete 5 craft projects

– organize something

– stick to a wedding budget

– take time to relax every week

– get a mani pedi

Ending on a great note there 😉

Have you made a similar list? Small goals like this are always fun to tick off and aren’t so bad when they include things like movie watching and eating. Let’s see how this year goes!


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