Goals and the beauty of old Kyoto

It’s my nerdy personality that really likes lists. When I am stressed about everything that I have to do I just write down everything that I have to do and it takes the weight of my shoulders. While I have mentioned before that I don’t really like new years resolutions I do like the idea of small goals and always bettering myself. 2012 was a really hard year for me in China. I was so lonely and unhappy and really began to realize how depended I was on my partner and how I didn’t really know anything about myself. I had no hobbies and the same circle of friends since I was 16. With that in mind I set out last year to change this, join new clubs and discover what I like and am passionate about. This was a major success and I truly felt like I grew into myself a lot, but of course there is always room for more growing (cheesy but true!). So this year I have upped my list to 104 things for 2014. I am finishing it off now and will post the full list tomorrow, but felt I should bring it up while the year is still young.

Till then here is the first of many things I loved about Kyoto, the old buildings!

Kyoto was the capital city before Tokyo and as a result has some beautifully ancient temples and buildings. Rather then knocking them down, the city has built around its history which has turned it into a charming and surprising place to visit. While Tokyo may be the ultra modern and hip city, Kyoto is by far more relaxed but just as exciting to see.

Around each corner were old buildings such as these.

And I even stumbled across this temple from 948 just sitting in the middle of a busy intersection, amazing.

One of the stand outs for me was the area of Pontcho which used to serve as a Geisha district. Being there made you feel like you were in ancient Japan and like a geisha might walk past at any moment.


If you do ever find yourself in Kyoto I recommending taking the number 5, 207 or 17 bus to Shijio Karasuma. This is a main shopping district but if you walk down a little side street you will find the old area (the shopping is wroth a look though). Have a good one!


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