Things I’m Loving Lately

My Christmas present to myself was another iHerb order – like I need an excuse to shop on that site. I have so much great love for iHerb, not only can I order things that they don’t have in Korea, but I also get to order items you can’t buy in NZ. Plus the postage is super cheap and it always arrives within a week, although this is kind of dangerous.

I ordered a few new things this week and thought I would add them to the things I am loving list.

This peanut butter may be my new favorite nut butter (says the girl who downed almond butter in a week last time she ordered it). I am not a big raisin fan but thought I would give it a try as people have raved about it and the cinnamon seemed kind of festive. Yes I did order a peanut butter because I felt it was Christmasy, I have problems. The peanut butter is super creamy and has just enough cinnamon and raisins through it without being too much – it is freaking amazing!! I have been eating it on oatmeal, smeared on apples or just the classic way with a spoon out of the jar. Classy!

After way too much coffee over the past two weeks I decided to take a break from it for awhile. Somehow I made it through a whole week of work with none and actually felt amazing (but more blogging on that later). As a more natural source of caffeine I ordered this tea and fell in love. It is deliciously minty with a little hint of licorice. Even better it seeps really well so I am able to top up the mug with hot water a couple of times without it loosing any taste.
Hot chocolate while it’s snowing outside, need I say more.
Christmas nails!
These dark chocolate bites are so yummy and make for a satisfying snack that isn’t unhealthy. I love the pomegranate ones, they have a strong taste and after two or three my chocolate cravings are happy.

it wont make you look pretty, but it will make you feel good.

it wont make you look pretty, but it will make you feel good.

Running is something that I go up and down with but lately I have really been trying to do it more. It is a great way to unwind and get some fresh air despite the cold months. As long as you dress right it really isn’t horrible being out there in the cold, after all you do warm up pretty quick.
Strawberry season is here! That means giant bowls for $5 – my heaven.
of course Christmas, and getting to spend it with some lovely kids. Makes it a little more special. Plus santa is coming to work this week!\

what are you loving lately?


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