Feeling a little cheated

After the happiness of knowing that my wedding dress was on its way I was suddenly struck with a harsh reality – I will not get to see this dress for 15 months. Not only that, but my family can see the dress. They can hold it up to show me, admire it and tell me how beautiful it is but that only makes it harder. I know it sounds silly, but I feel slightly jealous of them. On Christmas day when my Grandparents and cousins are over they will, without a doubt, want to look at the dress. But I will still be waiting in a country far away.

I am so happy to be engaged and living overseas, but I still feel slightly robbed of an experience. I already talked about how I missed out on shopping with my mum and Grandma, and now I feel like a little more of the excitement is being taken away from me. I wanted to open that package up and try on my dress in an almost secret way. A way that would let me just reflect on how happy I am about marrying this person. Instead it seems almost like when I get home I will be on-upped by my family who have seen it, I wont get to have my big reveal.

That may sound selfish, but to me part of the wedding is the planning and anticipation of it all and this is something I am not really getting to experience being overseas. There are going to be continuous aspects that everyone else gets to see before me, in fact the invitations have been delivered to my families house so unless there is an extra one I will never get to actually see them. I apologize if this all seems selfish, but I needed to get it off my chest. Here’s hoping that I get over it and the next 15 months fly by!

What about you? Any wedding experiences you feel like you are missing out on?



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