When that kid at school made fun of me…. after I made fun of someone else

Heya, hope you’re having a lovely week. Mine has been pretty boring and same-old, in fact I haven’t been posting much lately because I feel like there is little to say. Luckily this Saturday marks our Christmas-tastic event in which we attempt to make eggnog, bake cookies and invite people round for the Home Alone drinking game.

And of course Wednesday we fly to Japan so that is anything but dull.

I do want to mention, however, something that was said to me today. I have a class full of 8 year old boys who I really love teaching. THey are funny, smart and when it comes down to it they are great kids. Yesterday they were looking at a photograph of this elderly lady who had written the story we just read. She was a little unfortunate looking and one of the boys remarked

‘Teacher, you know the Hobbit? She looks like Smeagol.’

We all kind of laughed and I half-heartedly said that was mean and then agreed to myself. I allowed them to giggle at it before moving on. Cut to today where I did not blow-dry my hair because it has been way to dry lately and I am attempting to save it. As a result it was a bit limp and lame but I was rolling with it in the hopes that it would stop feeling like I have a head full of straw. I walked into the class and the same boy straight away said

‘Teacher! You look like…’

He trailed off, realizing what he was about to say, but as he turned to whisper it to his friends I heard him say that fateful word.


I was hurt. Yes an 8 year old boy hurt my feelings. He didn’t know that I was already feeling a little self-conscious, and he thought it was okay as we laughed about that the day before. I punished him of course and got over it, but it did make me feel bad about myself for the next few hours.

My point is this, why was it totally okay to allow these boys to say the exact same thing about a stranger the day before but then forbid it when they said it about me. We do this a lot, quickly judge others appearance and throw out something hurtful without really thinking about it. We don’t stop to consider that this is a real person and even if a stranger is saying something mean, it can still hurt.

I know these boys were making fun of a photograph, but next time they do it I am going to punish them just as I would if they said it about a person who was in the room. Negative name calling and judging people on how they look is not okay, they need to learn it and so do I!
My challenge to you is to stop and think about when you have let slip a sly comment about someone’s appearance and consider how you would feel if you knew someone was saying that about you. Lets try to replace the mean talk which has become part of our daily lives, and focus instead on saying something nice.

Anyway there’s my two cents for the day, thoughts?


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