Oreo Truffles

Cookies are a staple at this time of year, but to really impress people why not have a go at making these truffles. Not only do they look fancy-shmancy but they taste amazing and will trick people into thinking you are some sort of gourmet chef. Plus they only have three ingredients which makes them even better.

A word of warning, these disappear quickly. I made some on Saturday and they were gone overnight…

Delectably creamy and chocolatey, these oreo truffles will take your Christmas parties to the next level.


– 2 packets of oreos

– 150 grams of cream cheese

– 1 packet of Hershey’s cookies and cream kisses (or any chocolate really, cookies and cream is just delicious).


– This is a no-brainer, crush the crap out of those oreos until they are a fine powder and then mix in the cream cheese. I didn’t need much cream cheese for this so add it all slowly, stopping when you have a firm mix. 

– Roll into balls and refrigerate for an hour

– Melt chocolate by placing in a small bowl and leaving this one in a bowl of boiled water. The chocolate will melt slowly but wont burn. Dip  each ball in the melted chocolate as much as you like and refrigerate again. 

Eat and attempt to stop at just one, it is a challenge.

In other randomness I hope you have a lovely weekend. We had some snow here and it is so damn cold that I have the sniffles. In addition to pounding back ginger tonic I am resting tonight. Luckily we had an easy day at work with a field trip to a play and then a birthday party. Check out this cuties bday hair clip.

And I spent a while teaching them about selfies, preparing our future generations.

IMG_1123[1]Have a good one!



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