Things to Love Lately

Despite the fact that I don’t study and only teach kindergarten, things in my life seem to be crazy busy as the year draws to an end. I have been involved in a few events such as a fundraiser for the orphanages and a ‘give a gift appeal’ for kids who wont be getting anything for Christmas this year and it is all happening over this and next week. I also have this trip to Japan to plan which I leave for in two weeks and have done pretty much nothing for other then book flights and accommodation – ahhhhh! Instead of stressing over how to get from the airport to the city and chasing up people who haven’t handed their gifts in yet I am taking to night to think about what I do have to be thankful for as the year ends.

The cuteness overload at work. I love teaching these kids (98%) of the time. They are super cute and so lovely to me. I am also so happy with all the xmasy things we have done lately such as baking gingerbread men and making snowflakes.

Speaking of the season I love it!! So many Christmas movies to be watched, hot drinks to be drunk and decorations to be displayed. I am a big freak when it comes to the season and have been blasting music, and getting into the spirit as much as I can.

Appreciative mothers at work. We get care packages and food from one particular mother on a regular basis, it always makes my day.

These truffles – recipe tomorrow.

The kindergartners graduate soon and had a photo shoot for the special day this morning. They bought in a giant chair and placed a desk with an old-fashioned phone, book and vase next to it. So over the top and Korean. It was fantastic.

Starbucks holiday drinks for the win.

Having someone with me to spend the season with. I am not with my family which always makes me sad, but I do have my fiancé to share everything with and I am truly thankful for this.

Even if we are super cheesy (these sweaters are totally acceptable for everyday wear and not considered ugly in Korea)

Have a fabulous week 😀


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