No Food Should Be Forbidden

I seem to come across so many lists like this- ‘The top Ten Foods for a Slimmer Waist!’ ‘The 15 foods Making you Fat’ and now ‘Foods Never too Eat’

I get it, there are some bad bad foods out there which aren’t good for our health or waistline. And while I am not saying that it is okay to eat all these fatty and sugary foods, I am saying that we should not restrict certain things from out diet. When we label certain foods as bad or ‘forbidden’ the only thing we are doing is giving ourselves an unhealthy relationship towards eating. Your mind is altered to see foods as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and we become unable to enjoy anything without the guilt afterwards.

I know this because I have been there. I have had my own very unhealthy and twisted attitude towards food and what I should and shouldn’t eat. When I was at high school I cut out carbs and sugar altogether and became obsessed with eating. In addition to constantly being hungry, I was weak and became pretty unwell. Thankfully I overcame this and now have a pretty good attitude towards what goes in my body, but there are times when articles like this get me and old habits begin to re-surface.

There are so many people out there who cut foods out of their diets for no reason other than they have heard it is bad for you. Sugar is a number one factor here, I cannot tell you how many I know don’t eat anything with sugar in – and I mean they never do. What I have noticed is that they become fixated on everything they eat, constantly label checking and worrying about food which hasn’t been prepared by them. I ask you, cutting out sugar may be good for you, but is it really enhancing the quality of your life?

Because that’s what is important, the quality of life you live. You should be able to enjoy yourself without guilt, you should be able to eat a damn cupcake without it ruining your day. I mean come on fitness magazine, who wants to go the rest of their lives without a bagel or a bit of frosting? We have heard it a million times but everything is okay in moderation. If you eat a healthy diet 90% of the time then having a treat is not going to kill you. The way I now look at food is that I have a certain amount of calories every day and I can play with these how I like. Mostly it is healthy proteins, carbs, fruit and veggies, but sometimes I will have cookie and just work it into my calorie intake for the day. No big deal. I also eat chocolate everyday because I enjoy it, I just make sure it is a small amount. Having a little bit of treat food is going to stop you from going crazy and craving everything bad. It is going to ensure you have a healthy attitude towards food and it is going to mean that you get to enjoy yourself. Food should be limited if it is ‘bad’ for you, but it should never be forbidden!



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