How to Not Get Sick

Happy Thanksgiving American friends!

I have (obviously) never celebrated the tradition, but I appreciate that it is one of those days where you eat a lot and hang with family – my kind of holiday. I actually did go downtown for a thanksgiving meal at a foreigner café. The place is owned by a vegan guy and his no-vegan wife so there was some tofurkey options which were not too bad. I also took advantage of the holiday by getting a wedding dress for 70% off due to Black Friday sales – exciting!

In other news, the weather is COLD! We got a little snow the other day and I have been running less every week. Despite this chilly weather I have managed to avoid getting sick thus far. I was looking back on the year and too be honest I have only been sick once and that when was I had a terrible flu. For someone who used to constantly have some sort of cold or sniffles this is a big deal for me and I thought I would share some of my tips on how to avoid getting struck down.

– Invest in decent supplements. While I am one of those people who tells everyone to eat the vitamins rather then take pills, there are some things that we just don’t get for whatever reason. Vegetarians are usually lacking iron, particularly females as we lose iron every month (ahem), while B12 is the only vitamin which is fouyou can only get from meat. So I swallowed my pride and have always taken pills for these two. After hearing a lot about how cheap vitamins are cheap for a reason, this year is the first time that I have actually spent more then a few bucks on them and bothered to get expensive pills. If you ever look at the back of the cheaper brands the ingredients in the pills are really alarming. A lot of the time there are chemicals which can be harmful for your body and also inhibit your body from absorbing the actual vitamins. I have an iron/B12 supplement which I purchased after reading reviews online and checking the ingredients. It has definitely made me much less lethargic and I think has helped a lot in not being sick. Another thing to keep in mind is that caffeine affects iron absorption. If you do take supplements for this try not to have any caffeine two hours before or after taking the pill.


– Eating healthy has always been important to me but this year I cut back on dairy a lot and noticed a huge change in my health. Not eating dairy makes me feel more focused and energetic, I do notice the difference when I start to add more back into my diet. While I am not saying go vegan, I am suggesting cutting back on some foods such as cheese and milk because it affects your immune system. Also, when I do eat dairy it is always good quality cheese rather then processed which I feel makes a difference.

– Lately I have been roasting garlic and eating it in everything. Seriously like four cloves a day. Roasted doesn’t affect the health benefits (which we all know about so I don’t need to go into), and makes it taste amazing. I really do believe that having so much garlic has stopped me getting sick despite running in the freezing cold.

– Ginger tonic! Prevention is the best. Every time I feel like I am about to get hit with something I make a batch of this and have a lot of ginger tea. As someone who really likes ginger this isn’t too hard, but if you aren’t a fan I suggesting doing a quick shot or adding in some brown sugar. There have been a few times that I feel like I am about to get sick, but this has managed to ward off any illness.

– Vitamin C. An oldie but a goodie 🙂 Your body can take in more vitamin C every three hours so I usually try to have a piece of fruit or a chewable tablet in this time (just those cheap ones kids have). It isn’t hard to get enough, think a cup of strawberries or an orange, but our bodies are unable to store the vitamin. With this in mind don’t go crazy all at once or your body will just flush the extra out, instead try to pace your vitamin C intake throughout the day.

it wont make you look pretty, but it will make you feel good.

it wont make you look pretty, but it will make you feel good.

– Exercise! Yeah I sound like your mum, but seriously eating well and getting some exercise do help your health. Even though it is cold, getting outdoors is really great for your body and mind. By getting in a couple of workouts every week you body will stay healthy and strong!


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