Christmas Traditions

Hey there!

I am having one of those moments right now where you realize Christmas is only 4 weeks away. I know everyone says this and it sounds clichéd but seriously – where did the year go!!

Not that my Christmas is very festive this year. Being in Korea means you need to come up with some new traditions, in addition to doing your best to recreate the old. I know my favorite parts of the day such as hanging with my family and eating dad’s trifle and fresh strawberries wont be happening. As a big Christmas day nerd I have been pumping the music, baking and watching every movie imaginable to get into the spirit. It is fantastic, but at the same time I do realize that you can’t recreate the same experience you have back at home. Last time I was here I was invited to a co-workers apartment where we ate food and met some of his other friends. It was nice, but too be honest I didn’t know them that well and the day was a little awkward. We ate good food, yes, but in my traditional mind it just wasn’t the ‘right’ Christmas day food with the ‘right’ kind of activities.  This year we are planning on making new Christmas day memories and not going to force the old ones by hanging with strangers. While this can be nice, I am looking forward to doing something new and spending the day just me and my fiancé. So Christmas day morning we will be flying to Japan!!!

I heart Japan. I studied the language for 5 years and our first trip away together was to the country in December/January when we were 19. Neither of us thought we would return, let alone be in the country for new years again! I am so excited, although a little disappointed my meal will probably consist of something like ramen as we land at 10:30am and have to train and whatnot to the hotel.

new years day in Japan was a little quiet...

new years day in Japan was a little quiet…

Despite this, I am learning that Christmas is what you make of it. These holidays can be really tough when you aren’t with your family or in the usual surroundings, but it is part of growing up. As we get older and meet new people, we get to start our own traditions with these new families. Who knows, in ten years time I might be sitting down to my customary Christmas meal of ramen and sushi.



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