eats, eats, eats

Hey there

How’s your weekend going? Hopefully much warmer then it is here!

I thought I would give a little update of what my diet has been lately. I have been trying to eat a lot of veggies to ward of any winter colds and trying to eat less sugar as care package from have are arriving and they are filled with dangerous treats. So most of my lunches have looked like this.

Delicious giant salad with pumpkin and cranberries- winning combo.

And rice crackers with marmite and mozerella on the side, crazy amazing.

I have been eating a lot of my favorite Korean dish lately, bibimbap! If you don’t know about this it is basically rice with different veggies on top, hot sauce and an egg. You mix it all together to make a tasty hot eggy rice bowl. So good!

School lunches have sucked as usual. Some shredded potato, boiled peanuts and rice.

Tofu! and rice.

mung beans and rice.

sautéed spinach and rice. Always the rice and some vegetable, but I do bring a lot of food and snacks. Some are probably wondering why I just don’t bring my own lunch, but the complexities of a Korean school lunch are serious. It is very offensive to not eat the free lunch provided, even if it does mean all you can actually eat is rice. It would be very offensive to the cook and school if I didn’t eat anything so I find eating a little then bringing the rest of my meal is working out okay.

I have been pounding back these soy cream latte too. As you can see from the above meals I have been eating more dairy and eggs lately, I go through weird phrases with non-vegan food like this. Sometimes I go months without any, then I have weeks where I am eating an animal product every couple of days or so. It is weird and I often feel confused and guilty about, but I have never labeled myself as a strict vegan for this reason. When it comes to milk, however, I have issues with the stuff from cows so always chose soy. Plus this latte is amazing and have ground almonds through it which gives it a really different taste.

Right now I am off to make some hummus and meals for the week. Just the usual busy Sunday!


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